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Oneberry provides a premier physical security lifecycle solution (AVERT) for the DOD and civilian critical infrastructure, that uses a Digital Twin to improve security effectiveness and reduce costs. AVERT is DOD, DOE, DHS accredited and has helped clients significantly increase the effectiveness of their security plans while saving millions of dollars in security capital and operational costs.

The digital twin is a foundation for security forces assessment, design, training, and operations. It can be used for vulnerability assessments and enhanced exercise, training and day-to-day operational use. 

The AVERT software suite is composed of the following systems


AVERT Physical Security is a unique risk assessment software used to visualize, quantify, and assess the performance of any physical security threat against any response force and integrated base defense plan. This solution’s holistic and integrated approach, delivers accurate, measurable, and repeatable assessments of physical security design and operations.


AVERT for Design uses modeling, simulation, and AI to refine the engineering design process.

Exercise and Train

AVERT Virtual Tabletop and AVERT Virtual Reality Training provides a state-of-the-art exercise and virtual training environment to prepare for security threats and incidents.

Respond and Decision Support

AVERT C2 integrates alarms, video, and security systems into a Common Operational Picture and provides situational awareness for real time security operations. AVERT AI dynamically updates Quick Reaction Checklists based upon incident data.

Mission Planning and Operations

AVERT MPO provides the mission plans for Quadruped Unmanned Guided Vehicles (Q-UGV) and integrates onboard sensors to provide situational awareness within the Common Operational Picture in the BDOC.

Benefits of utilizing AVERT tools: 

• Reduces reliance on subjective judgement of Subject Matter Experts and over reliance on
security component design specifications.

• Uses AI to evaluate permutations of security design to achieve desired performance outcomes.

• Identifies vulnerabilities and validates changes to detection / deterrence strategies
and technologies.

• Provides real time Situational Awareness via a Common Operational Picture that can be
between all teams and agencies.

• Integrates sensor data from Q-UGV (video, CBRNE, health, etc.) into BDOC Common
Operational Picture.

• Identifies cost savings through quantified risk assessments and cost benefit analysis.

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“Virtual Guard has been a significant help in supporting our security operations to meet outcome-based contracts. The technology enables manpower on site to be more effective with less headcount needed.”

Daniel Marc Chow
Managing Director
Henderson Security Services


“I want to thank Oneberry Command Centre for the fantastic job done well as our vital partner on Globalmax outsourced Command Centre assignment. My appreciation and thanks to the Oneberry Command Centre (OBCC) management team, day & night shift controllers for performing outstandingly. I hope that OBCC can continue to maintain and excel in their service delivery.”

Bobby Baljit
Managing Director
Globalmax Security & Consultants


“I wish to commend the team for implementing the Virtual Guard solution at Landridge Condo. The residents have given positive feedback on the successful switch to remote security. Thanks for a good job and we appreciate it!”

MCST Council Chairman
Landridge Condominium