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Protect your Network with 50% Grant

SINGAPORE, 21 September 2023 – Invisiron is a Pre-Approved Digital Solution ICM Vendor qualified for the IMDA Pre-Approved@SMEsGoDigital Grant.

With the use of our plug-and-play cyber solutions, SMEs can aim to build strong cyber defence capabilities, with up to 50% government grant!

Invisiron is your first and last line of Cyber Defence. At the core of Invisiron® is C3X™, which features three mission-critical technologies.

  1. Invisible Stealth Mode
  2. Autonomous Threat Prevention
  3. Ultra-Fast In-Line Packet Processing Speed

The Sentry S-1000 boasts a compact form-factor designed for small networks. This is the perfect solution for Small Size Enterprises.

  • Invisiron appliance for 1 or 10 Gbps of bandwidth
  • Highly Sophisticated Cyber Threat Intelligence

Source: Oneberry Technologies Pte Ltd


Channel NewsAsia

Newsroom | Channel NewsAsia

‘Enhanced patrols’ at Orchard Road on Christmas Eve as large crowds expected

SINGAPORE, 21 December 2022 – There will be enhanced patrols around Orchard Road on the night of Christmas Eve as large crowds are expected, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) said on Wednesday (Dec 21)

From the evening of Dec 24, police officers, auxiliary police officers, and security officers will be deployed to manage crowds in the vicinity of Orchard Road to ensure the safety and security of the public, SPF said.

Crowd control barricades and direction signs will be put up to facilitate a safe and orderly crowd flow.

“The public is advised to be patient and follow officers’ instructions, and not attempt to force their way in crowded or closed-off areas,” the police said in an advisory.

As Orchard MRT station is expected to be crowded, commuters are advised to head towards alternative stations such as Dhoby Ghaut and Somerset MRT stations, where possible.

The police added that the enhanced patrols will be carried out by the Protective Security Command, Transport Security Command, Emergency Response Teams and the Special Operations Command.

Source: Channel NewsAsia


Channel NewsAsia

Newsroom | Channel NewsAsia

A step up in security through customised tech-based tools and process redesign

SINGAPORE, 5 December 2022 – Outcome-based contracting can improve security outcomes while reducing headcount requirements and eliminating inefficiencies.

In security outcome-based contracting, technology as well as job and process redesign transform traditionally manpower-intensive jobs into more efficient and productive processes. Instead of contracting for a certain number of security officers, buyers indicate their desired outcomes and operational parameters and leave it to security agencies to come up with customised solutions.

These can include new concepts like cluster guarding – a process used at StorHub Self Storage, which contracted Oneberry Technologies for its security needs. Instead of having fixed security officers on-site round the clock, patrol officers are tasked to manage sites within zones. Technology-based tools are used to conduct virtual patrolling from Oneberry’s Command Centre. 

“If an incident is detected, the operators at the Oneberry Command Centre are alerted. If required, the patrol officer assigned to the zone will respond on site,” explained StorHub CEO Luigi La Tona. “Previously, with fixed manpower on site, there was a lot of physical patrolling, time-consuming tasks and inefficiencies – especially during silent hours.”

For commercial enterprises like StorHub Self Storage, outcome-based contracting not only reduces operational costs and reliance on manpower, it also improves the customer experience.


Instead of relying on a fixed number of security officers stationed on-site, StorHub Self Storage tasks patrol officers to manage sites within their respective zones. Photo: StorHub Self Storage

Customers of StorHub Self Storage entrust their belongings to the company. Keeping them safe is a major aspect of StorHub’s services – but also a major challenge, thanks to rising costs and manpower issues.

Outcome-based contracting has helped resolve these issues. StorHub’s outcome-based security provider Oneberry Technologies requires its officers to report in by clocking points at all the facilities, ensuring that performance standards do not slip. The headcount requirement of security officers went down from 18 to six across 11 locations, and StorHub has saved close to S$480,000 yearly.

“We’ve moved towards leveraging technology and cluster patrolling to improve security and efficiency,” said Mr La Tona. “Our sites continue to be monitored 24/7 via the Oneberry Command Centre, enabled by video analytics, and with patrol officers ready to make their way to sites when required.”

Tech-based monitoring has also given StorHub an unexpected benefit: It deters illegal dumping incidents, which improves operational security.

Said Mr La Tona: “Looking at the current industry landscape where there is a shortage of manpower and a rise in security costs, we believe that outcome-based contracting is the way forward.”

Source: Channel NewsAsia



Blog | Singapore Security Industry Awards 2022

Oneberry an honouree of the Singapore Security Industry Awards 2022

SINGAPORE, 13 November 2022 – Oneberry Technologies Pte Ltd was an honouree at the Singapore Security Industry Awards 2022.

Oneberry celebrated at the Singapore Security Industry Awards 2022 as we won awards in the categories Best Systems Integrator Firm, Best Robotics Firm and Best Video Analytic Solutions Provider. We also celebrated our partnership with our valued client Ocean Financial Centre, as they won Security Buyer of the Year!

Organised by the Security Association Singapore, Accounting Professional, and Asgardian Labs. SSIA recognises the top security agencies and security projects in the industry, and Oneberry were specially recognised amongst the best security firms.

Oneberry had the honour of receiving our awards from the Guest of Honour, Minister of State for Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of National Development, Assoc Prof Dr Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim and several Members of Parliament. The award winners were selected based primarily on client’s endorsements by a distinguished panel of judges comprising representatives from SPF, IMDA, WSG, ESG and SII.

We would like to thank the judges and the following supporting organisations for their time and support to the SSIA 2022:

Panel of Judges:

  • Mr Andy Tan, Director, Centre for Protective Security
  • Ms Catherine Chong, Director, Infocomm Media Development Authority
  • Ms Safrah Eusoof, Director, Workforce Singapore
  • Mr Dhruv Ang, Deputy Director, Enterprise Singapore
  • Mr Faizal Zainal, Head, Security Industry Institute

Supporting Organisations: Association of Certified Security Agencies, Enterprise Singapore, Infocomm Media Development Authority, Security Systems Association Singapore, Singapore Police Force, Temasek Polytechnic, Workforce Singapore

We thank everyone for your continued support as we strive to improve every year!

Source: Oneberry Technologies Pte Ltd



Blog | NVIDIA Inception Premier Member

Oneberry Technologies & NVIDIA Partnership

SINGAPORE, 7 September 2022 – Oneberry Technologies Pte Ltd has been elevated to NVIDIA Inception Premier status.

NVIDIA has pioneered accelerated computing to tackle challenges that otherwise can’t be solved. Their work in AI and computer graphics is transforming industries valued at more than $100 trillion, from gaming to healthcare to transportation, and profoundly impacting society.

The NVIDIA Inception Premier membership is reserved for the top 1-2% of all of their start-ups, and Oneberry is excited to be recognised in this programme for its development of ARVAS – our Anomaly Detection AI.

This envisages a stronger partnership between NVIDIA and Oneberry, with opportunities for more collaboration.

Source: Oneberry Technologies Pte Ltd


The Straits Times

Newsroom | The Straits Times

High-tech robot guards take part in security exercise at Ang Mo Kio MRT station

SINGAPORE, 10 December 2019 – Commuters at the Ang Mo Kio MRT station were greeted on Monday (Dec 9) morning by the sight of Singapore’s latest security officers on wheels: two high-tech robot guards.

The robots – the OB1FORC3 and the K3NOBI models, developed by local security company Oneberry Technologies – are equipped with intelligent surveillance cameras, sensors and video analytics capabilities, were part of Exercise Station Guard.

Exercise Station Guard is an emergency preparedness exercise carried out by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) and the SMRT to ensure operational readiness and strengthen security in public places.

The robots moved around the premises of the Ang Mo Kio station looking out for suspicious people and unattended items, observed by Senior Minister of State for Transport Janil Puthucheary.

As part of the exercise, commuters also participated in security screenings, which involved walking through a metal detector and having their belongings scanned by X-ray machines.

This is not the first time such robots have been out and about, as 10 K3NOBI security robots were used in July for surveillance and concierge duty for the Interpol World conference at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre at Marina Bay Sands.

To update the security measures, contingency plans and operational readiness at public transport nodes in Singapore, similar exercises using robot guards have been conducted since February last year.

The robots are equipped with intelligent surveillance cameras, sensors and video analytics capabilities.

Similar robot guards have been trialled previously at Hougang MRT station.

The LTA also deployed a 1.6m-tall ST Engineering robot that was equipped with seven cameras during a trial at Hougang MRT in December last year.

This robot also had an in-built global positioning system (GPS) as well as sensors which bounced lasers off objects, allowing it to patrol designated areas.

The robots trialled on Monday, however, used intelligent cameras and video analytics to allow security officers to patrol the building remotely.

The use of these “virtual” guard systems also reduces reliance on manpower, allowing security personnel to monitor areas remotely, through the robots’ “eyes”.

As of July this year, Oneberry Technologies had more than over 1,500 virtual guards in Singapore.

This number is set to grow, as the firm raised $30 million in funding in September that would allow it to expand its range of high-tech security and surveillance products, and to grow its presence in the region.


The Straits Times

Newsroom | The Straits Times

Oneberry Technologies: Taking security automation to the next level

SINGAPORE, 27 February 2019 – Oneberry Technologies is making moves within the security industry — one robot at a time.

You could say Mr Ken Pereira is a visionary.

His career in the security industry began when he joined a traditional security firm in 2003. He quickly realised there were numerous industry challenges to face head-on.

He explains: “The role of a security officer is to observe, record and report on activity over 12-hour shifts and six-day work weeks. It is no surprise that the security officers were tired from the long working hours.

“Their manual duties included logging observations, incident reporting, and recording visitor information into notebooks. They were also expected to perform physical patrols or be stationed at static posts, sometimes in remote areas with no facilities.

Such inefficiencies also led to miscommunication between the officers, security agencies who hired them, and the security buyers.”

For a better overview of the industry and its challenges, Mr Pereira worked as a security officer to investigate the problems first-hand. His takeaway? He had to improve the way things were done.

That is how award-winning innovative security and surveillance solutions provider Oneberry Technologies was born – and as Mr Pereira explains, “berry” is the cure for the industry, with our concept of man and machine.

Oneberry Technologies’ next move – robot revolution.

Making all the right moves

To date, the 200-plus-strong company with Mr Pereira as its chief executive officer has designed several solutions for the industry.

It designed and deployed Oneberry MobiCams – a rapid mobile surveillance solution enabled with intelligent cameras and powered by fuel cell technology that could run off-grid reliably and autonomously.

During the Trump-Kim Summit last June, these were set up at various sites together with several command centres for the police to provide behind-thescenes support.

Says Mr Pereira: “While technology is pivotal, judgement and decisionmaking remain human-centric. Technology should complement the functions of man, and improve and enhance the level of security and operations. While reducing manpower costs, our solutions ensure that security is not compromised, while elevating the role of a security officer.”

To facilitate this, Oneberry has introduced the Virtual Guard System, an integrated platform of intelligent cameras with video analytics to reduce manpower reliance on physical surveillance or patrolling tasks.

It monitors premises remotely with less reliance on on-site security guards. By using analytics from intelligent cameras, sites are monitored virtually from a command centre, and security breaches trigger alerts to operators.

A patrol team is then dispatched to investigate the matter.Taking things one step further, the tandem implementation of other automated processes such as access control, incident reporting and clocking allow for significantly reduced manpower on site.

Such productivity improvements not only put Oneberry on the map as a reliable specialist technology and service provider, but enable its clients in the public, commercial and residential sectors to enjoy at least 30 per cent productivity and manpower savings.

Collaborating with valued partners

A group of trusted partners are instrumental to Oneberry’s success. These include SFC Energy, for its reliable, off-grid energy solutions that comprise innovative direct methanol fuel cell technology to provide reliable and autonomous power for long durations with no downtime – the perfect power supply for multiple applications and industrial use cases.

Oneberry also works with one of the world’s leading video camera technology manufacturers, Mobotix, to solve real-world challenges in security via its multifunctional IP video systems used in security surveillance deployments.

Meanwhile, professional engineering consultancy CKMbT International has supported Oneberry’s civil, structural, mechanical and electrical designs to the highest safety standards.

Eye on the future

With the new guidelines proposed by the Security Tripartite Cluster (STC), a rise in security costs and heightened threats, Mr Pereira foresees challenges ahead.

He shares: “All licensed security agencies are required to pay their officers according to the progressive wage model ladder. This has been a long time coming for the security workforce, but will translate to an increase in costs to security buyers.

“And from 2021, with the removal of overtime exemption, security agencies will be driven to review their operations and make more efficient use of the manpower, with an already existing shortage of manpower. These new guidelines for security agencies will push security buyers to look into wallet-friendly solutions.”

To mitigate these problems, Mr Pereira aims to continue offering productivity security solutions to help businesses reduce costs while enhancing the level of security.

This will involve constantly innovating as well as looking into launching new technology to raise industry productivity. The company is also aiming to launch its own security robots to further enhance and complement the man and machine concept. This is slated to happen at the Interpol World 2019 event to be held in Singapore this July.

The fuel cell-powered Oneberry RoboGuard is the first customisable security surveillance and inspection robot designed to support ad-hoc security, especially for events.

Says Mr Pereira: “They not only perform surveillance functions, but act as a deterrent on-site. They can also bring multi-functional value to our clients by providing concierge or marketing services. Oneberry is constantly innovating so we can remain on the

forefront of providing cutting-edge technology solutions to our clients, with the value proposition to help our clients save costs.”

The company has received interest from and is looking to venture overseas, which will help continue its journey as one of Singapore’s fastest-growing companies.

Security buyers looking to explore manpower saving technology are invited to the Oneberry Innovation Centre to experience the company’s offering first-hand.


Today Online

Newsroom | Today Online

Four Indonesians who swam to Singapore from a boat off Tuas charged with unlawful entry

SINGAPORE, 13 October 2020 – Four Indonesian men were charged in court on Saturday (Oct 10) with illegally entering Singapore, after they jumped off a boat into the sea off Tuas and swam towards the shore.

The men, aged between 19 and 38, were first detected on Tuas reclaimed land by the Police Coast Guard’s surveillance systems on Friday at about 8.30pm, said the Singapore Police Force in a news release on Tuesday.

The four men were observed to have jumped off an unnumbered boat into the waters off Tuas reclaimed land before swimming towards the shoreline.

The four men jumped off an unnumbered boat into the waters off Tuas reclaimed land. Photo: Police Coast Guard

Coast Guard officers, together with personnel from the Jurong Police Division, Gurkha Contingent, Special Operations Command and Home Team Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Unit were deployed to intercept the men, the police said.

The men were arrested within five hours of being detected, and were handed over to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority for further investigations, the statement said.

If convicted, they could be jailed for up to six months and receive a minimum of three strokes of the cane.

The Coast Guard’s Commander Cheang Keng Keong commended the officers’ “vigilance and excellent team work which resulted in the swift arrest”.

He added that the Coast Guard would “continue to take firm action against such offenders to safeguard our waters and sea borders against crime and security threats, including unauthorised entry into and departure from Singapore.”

Source: Today Online


Enterprise Singapore

Newsroom | Enterprise Singapore

Think business first, digital next
How digitalising propelled Oneberry to new heights

SINGAPORE, 26 September 2021 – Growing a business is never easy, but digitalisation can give you the right boost.
Just ask Oneberry Technologies, homegrown company that have been able to leverage digital technology to not only overcome challenges, but also reinvent themselves to keep growing.

Oneberry Technologies: Changing the game in security

Oneberry Technologies founder Ken Pereira with the Oneberry MobiCAM, a rapid deployment mobile surveillance solution supported by intelligent cameras. 

With its roving security robots, cutting-edge video analytics and artificial intelligence, Oneberry is today known as a security and surveillance technology solutions innovator. But it wasn’t always so.

In fact, the company originally started out in 2003 by providing security manpower services. And like others in the industry, its security officers would work long hours while juggling various duties, from physical patrols to manually recording observations and reporting incidents.
This inadvertently led to delayed communication or miscommunication with clients at times, an issue in an industry where speed and accuracy are of the essence. Meanwhile, the industry was also facing the prospect of a shrinking and ageing workforce.
Determined to resolve these challenges, Oneberry founder Ken Pereira looked towards digitalisation. The company started by digitalising manual processes to improve efficiency, and later invested in developing security software to complement the security officers’ roles.
In 2006, for instance, the firm rolled out a security management software system to monitor and track movements within a security perimeter in real-time. It meant that security guards no longer needed to record visitor details; fewer guards were also needed.
The digital solutions were welcomed by employees, but not so by clients, who were accustomed to security being performed manually. Mr Pereira was undeterred. As he put it: “They did not want to take the risk. We took the risk.”
So, Oneberry pressed on with its research and development of new solutions, and eventually convinced clients with the promise of at least 30% in manpower cost savings.

Since then, Oneberry has continued to disrupt the notion of needing boots on the ground with game-changing solutions, making the leap from traditional security firm to security and surveillance technology solutions provider.
Take Oneberry’s rapid mobile surveillance solution that’s supported by intelligent cameras with video analytics to reduce the reliance on physical surveillance. This provided the Singapore Police Force with behind-the-scenes support during the historic Trump-Kim Summit in 2018, which the police later described as its most intensive large-scale security operation.
Oneberry continues to grow, leveraging digital technology to expand its range of high-tech solutions and venture into cybersecurity, a new segment for the business.

During COVID-19, the firm also created a software that reads SafeEntry or TraceTogether passes to help clients automate access control at building entrances, keeping up its innovative streak.



Blog | Enterprise Singapore

Enterprise Singapore 3rd Run of Scale-Up SG supporting business at the forefront of innovation amidst Covid-19

SINGAPORE, 16 October 2020 – There’s no such thing as the perfect time.

With our third run of Scale-up SG, we’re continuing to support businesses who are at the forefront of innovation, even amidst covid19, with our partner EY.

With a greater focus on  tech this round, industry leaders and trailblazers from healthcare to supplychain and agritech are pushing forward with their strategies to scale sustainably.
This will create good jobs and contribute to the growth of the Singapore economy.
Together, we will emerge stronger.
Ascent Solutions Pte Ltd, Oneberry Technologies, Evercomm, MiRXes, Novade Solutions, Sustenir Agriculture, V-key
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Business Development Executive

Job Description

A Business Development Executive, reports to the Business Development Manager in developing business opportunities from enquiries to tender submission stages.

A Business Development Executive is expected to coordinate and work with internal departments like IT, Technical, etc. to support tender enquiries, proof of concept, pilots and tender submissions. He/She is also expected to communicate with customers and understand their business requirements and how our solution is able to solve their business problems.

A Business Development Executive should have a keen interest in technology, and willingness to pick up technology and technical skills in the process. Communication and having an analytical train of thought is key for him/her to perform the role well.

  • Proactively grow existing customers as well as to develop new sales opportunities.
  • Prepare and submit tender documents for tenders.
  • Prepare proposals, presentations and quotations for clients. Work closely with R&D and relevant technical teams to develop new solutions for clients.
  • Liaise with finance team to ensure timely billing.


  • Diploma in Business Administration & Management, Marketing and any fields related.
  • Minimum of 1 Year Experience (Fresh Graduates may apply)
  • Proficient in Word, Powerpoint and Excel is required, knowledge in other business tools would be a plus.
  • Experience in Tender Submission, IT Solutions or Networking Solutions on GeBiz would be a plus.

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Procurement Assistant

Job Description

  • Coordinating inventory requirements and procurement details with vendors
  • Maintain accurate and updated inventory records (for new and recycled equipment)
  • Conduct inventory cycle counting
  • Accounting and reporting inventory surplus, product returns, and any damages
  • Evaluating the cost movement of company products and assessing the purchase and invoice details
  • Research potential vendors, compare and evaluate offers from different vendors
  • Track orders and ensure timely delivery
  • Monitor stock levels and place orders as needed
  • To improve inventory recording system to be more productive
  • Any ad-hoc tasks as assigned


  • Knowledge of using barcode equipment
  • Knowledge of operating a PC and working on inventory software and programs
  • Possess an eye for detail and a strong sense of accuracy
  • Should possess strong calculative and analytical skill sets
  • Ability and effectiveness to manage time to meet required deadlines
  • Good written and verbal communication
  • Solid understanding of basic accounting principles

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Junior Accountant

Job Description

  • Prepare and maintain accurate full set of accounts for a group of small companies including:
    – Enter accurate and timely data into the accounting system
    – Maintain accurate financial records and statements
    – Assist in the preparation of monthly, quarterly and yearly closings
    – Post and process journal entries to ensure all business transactions are recorded
    – Record transactions and events relating to adjustment, inventory, accruals, prepayments, and finance costs, etc.
    – Issue sales invoices when required (back up for AR Executive)
    – Post and Process payroll transactions
    – Maintain the Fixed Asset register and run monthly depreciation using the accounting system
    – Perform month end revaluation on AR & AP
    – Perform bank reconciliations.
    – Reconcile interco transactions.
    – Prepare quarterly GST report according to local tax regulations.
    – Retrieve reports from the accounting system for management use whenrequired.
    – Conduct quarterly inventory stock count.
  • Liaise with external auditors during year end audit
  • Any other duties assigned by superior and management


  • Diploma/ Bachelor of Accountancy or equivalent
  • With at least 4 to 5 years’ experience in full set of accounts and preparation of management reports, prior experience in handling MNC accounts is an advantage
  • Experienced with ERP system (i.e. Synergix) is preferred
  • Proficient in MS Office (Excel & Word)
  • Hands on, self-motivated, meticulous with positive mindset and able to work independently & to meet tight deadlines
  • Team player with good interpersonal skills
  • Excellent communication skills in English
  • The ideal candidate will be well-versed in accounting principles and able to workcomfortably with numbers and attention to details

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Junior Business Analyst

Job Description


  1. To identify, develop and build relationships with respective clients by working with them to understand their business needs, issues and come out with prospective solutions.
  2. Participate on Business Analysis requirements such as personas, user storie(s), workflows, UI/UX and technical drawings, so as to bridge communications between customers and project stakeholders.
  3. Managing and working with the Project Stakeholders to build Costs, Building of Materials and Quotations, for each of the Projects or Products to be developed;
  4. Build and maintain good relationships with new and/or existing clients, and provide quality after-sales service if necessary.
  5. Managing and Raising Issues in Project /Products.


  1. Drive revenue and create sales opportunities by managing the pre-sales technical process and evangelizing Oneberry Technology to existing and prospective customers, and to drive new product and service offerings in both customer adoption and Oneberry research and development.
  2. Work closely with Business Development team to educate existing and prospective customers about the reliability of Oneberry innovative solutions– this includes conference calls, site visits, presentations, technical evaluations, technical objection handling, proposals, and follow up on all customer related issues.
  3. Work closely with R&D and associated teams to develop future product proposal, direction and strategy.
  4. Engage and oversee in the development of customer proposals, design and delivery, ensuring all expertise, information and recommendations are concisely defined, while meeting Oneberry quality control standards.


  1. Perform related duties as assigned by supervisor
  2. Maintain compliance with all company policies and procedues.
  3. Adhere to company’s professional conduct policies and display anacceptable and satisfactory demeanor.

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Robotics Technician

Job Description

  • Demonstrated ability to coordinate and deliver for static-robots/non-sophisticated projects
  • Assist to setup for Demos in Office/Site
  • Able to communicate and conduct handover procedures to clients
  • Have the technical know-how to operate cameras and network equipment
  • Have the ability to operate linux systems (robotics applications)
  • Require guidance when handling projects requiring more complex network requirements
  • Ability to follow SOPs required for systems rectification
  • Have the capacity to guide interns on deliverables
  • Able to work independently
  • Experience in Project Management (1 year)
  • Candidates with background in networking
  • Assumes responsibility of project deliverables to clients
  • Provide maintenance support to our clientele and ensure that SLA commitments and requirements are met
  • Testing and commissioning of network deliverables to clients
  • Experience with Linux systems is advantageous
  • Takes guidance from a manager/supervisor
  • Strong desire to learn and excel
  • Strong analytical & problem-solving skills


  • Diploma in Electronics / Mechanical / Mechatronics Engineering
  • IT preferably in Networking or Telecommunications
  • Certificate in Security System Integration
  • Certificate in Security Technology

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Robotics Engineer

Job Description

  • Work closely with the application team /department engineers to setup robots for deployment, keep track ofproject progress and maintain documentations
  • Able to design, engineer and translate the algorithms into potential applications.
  • To configure, integrate and implement machine learning application in autonomous system
  • To plan for User Acceptance Testing for successful system implementation.
  • To troubleshoot, bug fixes and create implementation support
  • Develop technical specifications, system documentation and user guide according to standards
  • Assist in updates on new requirements from users
  • Perform on-site corrective and preventive maintenance. Performing routine maintenance on equipment anddetermining when and what kind of maintenance is needed
  • Team work on troubleshooting – determining causes of operating errors /system failure and deciding solutions toit
  • Exercise workplace safety, especially workshop environment in accordance to WSH regulation
  • Assisting with outdoor servicing and repairs


  • Diploma in Electronics / Mechanical / Mechatronics Engineering,
  • IT preferably in Networking or Telecommunications
  • Certificate in Security System Integration
  • Certificate in Security Technology


We would like to commend you on maintaining a very professional attitude by being gracious, giving extra attention and efforts to the Management of GSM Building.

Your technical support team also deserve our commendation for demonstrating their capabilities in trouble-shooting & problem-solving, which swiftly resolved GSM Building’s Virtual Guard Solutions with Remote Monitoring CCTV issues.

We will not hesitate to recommend Oneberry Technologies Pte Ltd to all.

Doreen Lee (Ms)
Building Manager
MCST 753 GSM Building


“Virtual Guard has been a significant help in supporting our security operations to meet outcome-based contracts. The technology enables manpower on site to be more effective with less headcount needed.”

Daniel Marc Chow
Managing Director
Henderson Security Services


“I want to thank Oneberry Command Centre for the fantastic job done well as our vital partner on Globalmax outsourced Command Centre assignment. My appreciation and thanks to the Oneberry Command Centre (OBCC) management team, day & night shift controllers for performing outstandingly. I hope that OBCC can continue to maintain and excel in their service delivery.”

Bobby Baljit
Managing Director
Globalmax Security & Consultants


“I wish to commend the team for implementing the Virtual Guard solution at Landridge Condo. The residents have given positive feedback on the successful switch to remote security. Thanks for a good job and we appreciate it!”

MCST Council Chairman
Landridge Condominium

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Project Admin Coordinator

Job Description

  • Candidate able to work independently with minimal supervision
  • Project-based reports management, cost scheduling
  • Able to pick up irregularities and flag out to the team for cost savings
  • Reconciliation of monthly usage reports for payment
  • Any other AdHoc admin duties assigned

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System Administrator

Job Description

  • New accounts set-up on active directory and M365
  • Manage M365 application suites such MS Office, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams
  • Support project deployments such setting up of servers, installing application and hardening thesystem security
  • Design and testing of proposed architectures and technologies
  • Familiarity with virtualization environment, virtual machines, storage technologies containerizedapplication and container orchestration platforms
  • Working experience with Video management software such Milestone, Nx Witness or HikCentral
  • Working experience with CCTV, IP Telephony and access control system
  • Knowledgeable in system hardening, patching and upgrading of OS, firmware and software
  • Run reports on system performance for team and wider organisation
  • Optimise processes and lead process improvement
  • Manage staff and user credentials and frameworks
  • Troubleshoot technical issues
  • Create and implement training for staff
  • Coordinate and provide support for Firewall and network system
  • Ensure systems are secure and protected from breach or viruses
  • Risk mitigation planning
  • Equipped with CCNA