Careers, surveillance

Careers, surveillance

Careers, surveillance, Surveillance is the monitoring of behavior, many activities, or information for the purpose of information gathering, influencing, managing or directing. Oneberry strongly focuses on our innovation initiatives around automation, and the unification of physical security and technology. We provide our clients with seamless solutions to enhance their security and operational processes, while increasing productivity, and ultimately lowering overall security costs. Surveillance is used by citizens for protecting their neighborhoods. And by governments for intelligence gathering - including espionage, prevention of crime, the protection of a process, person, group or object, or the investigation of crime. It is also used by criminal organizations to plan and commit crimes, and by businesses to gather intelligence on criminals, their competitors, suppliers or customers. Religious organisations charged with detecting heresy and heterodoxy may also carry out surveillance.[3] Auditors carry out a form of surveillance.[4] A byproduct of surveillance is that it can unjustifiably violate people's privacy and is often criticized by civil liberties activists.[5] Liberal democracies may have laws that seek to restrict governmental and private use of surveillance, whereas authoritarian governments seldom have any domestic restrictions. Computers can be a surveillance target because of the personal data stored on them. If someone is able to install software, such as the FBI's Magic Lantern and CIPAV, on a computer system, they can easily gain unauthorized access to this data. Such software could be installed physically or remotely.[14] Another form of computer surveillance, known as van Eck phreaking, involves reading electromagnetic emanations from computing devices in order to extract data from them at distances of hundreds of meters.[15][16] The NSA runs a database known as "Pinwale", which stores and indexes large numbers of emails of both American citizens and foreigners.[17][18] Additionally, the NSA runs a program known as PRISM, which is a data mining system that gives the United States government direct access to information from technology companies. Through accessing this information, the government is able to obtain search history, emails, stored information, live chats, file transfers, and more. This program generated huge controversies in regards to surveillance and privacy, especially from U.S. citizens.[19][20]


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IT Engineer /Technician

As our IT Engineer, you will be responsible for designing hardware configurations, installing software and managing different network systems.
Careers, surveillance

Marketing Intern

As our marketing intern, you will be exposed to the full spectrum of B2B marketing workscope. You will support the marketing department on all activities and initiatives for Oneberry, ARVAS & Invisiron.

Boatman cum Technician (Captain /Skipper)

As our boatman cum technician, you will be responsible for all maintenance work and assist in site recces when required. 

System Administrator

As our system administrator, you will be responsible for the maintenance, configuration, and reliable operation of computer systems and servers. 

Account Manager

As our account manager, you will be the primary point of contact for our customers and actively seek opportunities to increase sales for Oneberry, ARVAS and Invisiron.

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IT Engineer /Technician

Job Description

• Support with the day to day monitoring and maintenance of servers, workstation and network appliance

• Support the end users for any IT related issues

• Support project deployments such server and network configuration on-site or by remote access

• Support the sales team in documenting and explaining IT related tender or client requirements


• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field of Information Technology or equivalent experience and 2 years’
experience as a Network Engineer/System Engineer

• CCNA required or CCNP Enterprise required. Working experience in a multi-vendor environment such a mixture of Cisco,
Fortinet and HPE appliance

• Demonstrate the ability of planning Network

• Working experience in implementing and configuring Routing and Wired/Wireless Switching protocols

• Experience in network hardening and security implementation such Firewalling, VPN and ACLs

• Working knowledge in installing and maintaining Windows server and workstations, Linux servers

• Working knowledge in maintaining server services such AD/DS, DHCP, DNS, FTP, and other web services

• Working knowledge in virtualization software such VMware and Hyper-V

• Knowledge in system hardening and implementing security policies

• Knowledge on documentations and specifications

** Candidates without experience are welcome to apply.

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Marketing Intern

Job Description

As our marketing intern, you will be exposed to the full spectrum of B2B marketing workscope. You will support the marketing department on all activities and initiatives for Oneberry, ARVAS & Invisiron, including:

• Content Marketing, Digital and Social Media Marketing, Event Management, PR

• Conceptualize, planning and execution of effective marketing and communications campaigns

• Develop creative content for marketing & communication collaterals (print and digital) aligned with corporate identity guide

• Assist to manage Partner Relations Management portal which comprises of assets management, strategy & content planning

• Review and implement sales enablement training tools and collaterals

• Ad-hoc projects assigned to Marketing Dept

• Workplace environment: Lively, vibrant, mission-driven and collaborative
workplace to boost creative ideas.


• Gain experience and exposure to the full spectrum of B2B Marketing in a Tech firm.

• Personal guidance and mentoring from experienced professionals.

• Opportunity to participate in networking events and company meetings.

Scope of Learning:

• Marketing/Consumer Research, Product & Brand Management

• Advertising & Promotion

• Public Relations/Corporate Communications

• International Marketing

• Purchasing & Merchandising/Channel Management

• Sales Management

• Digital Marketing

• Customer Support Services

• Business-to-Business Marketing

• Customer Relationship Management

• Direct and Database Marketing

• Marketing Management

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Boatman cum Technician (Captain /Skipper)

Job Description

• Attend to all Maintenance work as detailed and directed by the Maintenance Supervisor

• Assist in Site Recces as and when required

• Ensure Preventive Maintenance of equipment are carried out properly in accordance to Technical SOP provided

• Preparation of all matters relating to maintenance, all materials and tools and manpower associated with the
maintenance tasks

• Ensuring and maintaining all equipment used for the daily operations are not only in good working order

• Keeping proper records of all maintained equipment are updated properly and accordingly

• Carrying out all PM and CM are completed on time

• Ensure all Safety Aspects are in order during work, proper PPE and Safe Work procedures are carried out during
such time

• Keeping all maintained equipment and surrounding areas Clean and not Just Safe to work but also safe to public
in Public areas

• Liaise with internal and external parties for maintenance matters as and when required

• MUST Possess a valid Pleasure Craft License to attend to Island Maintenance Service as and when required

• Able to carry out and perform simple maintenance on Oneberry boat

• Shall also perform any other ad hoc tasks not described in the job description as and when instructed by his
superiors or as ordered by Higher Management.

• Preferably with min 2 years working experience and familiar with Singapore water

• Only those and equipped with PPCDL will be considered

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System Administrator

Job Description

• New accounts set-up on active directory and M365

• Manage M365 application suites such MS Office, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams

• Support project deployments such setting up of servers, installing application and hardening the system security

• Design and testing of proposed architectures and technologies

• Familiarity with virtualization environment, virtual machines, storage technologies containerized application and
container orchestration platforms

• Working experience with Video management software such Milestone, Nx Witness or HikCentral

• Working experience with CCTV, IP Telephony and access control system

• Knowledgeable in system hardening, patching and upgrading of OS, firmware and software

• Run reports on system performance for team and wider organisation

• Optimise processes and lead process improvement

• Manage staff and user credentials and frameworks

• Troubleshoot technical issues

• Create and implement training for staff

• Coordinate and provide support for Firewall and network system

• Ensure systems are secure and protected from breach or viruses

• Risk mitigation planning

• Equipped with CCNA is an advantage

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Account Manager

Roles & Responsibilities:

• Serve as the lead point of contact for all customer account management matters.

• Develop and build strong relationships with prospective clients and ensure all sales opportunities are acted upon.

• Develop new business with existing clients and/or identify areas of improvement to meet sales quotas.

• Proactively grow existing customers as well as to develop new sales opportunities.

• Forecast and track key account metrics

• Perform site recces and visits, prepare proposals, presentations, and quotations for clients.

• Prepare and submit tender documents for tenders and complete contracts.

• Liaise with finance team to ensure timely billing.

• Collaborate with BD team to identify and grow opportunities within territory

• Overall project manager that will oversee the lifecycle of the projects and to ensure projects are delivered effectively.


• Dynamic and proactive in all assignments

• Good knowledge of intelligent security system principles and practices

• Broad knowledge of technical infrastructure including networking and communication

• Good communication skills (writing & speaking)

• Experienced in preparing and submitting government tenders

• Ability to perform under pressure and complete project within tight timeline

• Fast learner

• Comfortable at public speaking/presenting to clients


• Class 3 License is preferred

• Being bi-lingual is preferred

• Singapore citizens or PR is preferred


• Bachelor’s degree or Diploma in Business / marketing / network & security system related fields

• Prior experience in sales or related position


We would like to commend you on maintaining a very professional attitude by being gracious, giving extra attention and efforts to the Management of GSM Building.

Your technical support team also deserve our commendation for demonstrating their capabilities in trouble-shooting & problem-solving, which swiftly resolved GSM Building’s Virtual Guard Solutions with Remote Monitoring CCTV issues.

We will not hesitate to recommend Oneberry Technologies Pte Ltd to all.

Doreen Lee (Ms)
Building Manager
MCST 753 GSM Building


“Virtual Guard has been a significant help in supporting our security operations to meet outcome-based contracts. The technology enables manpower on site to be more effective with less headcount needed.”

Daniel Marc Chow
Managing Director
Henderson Security Services


“I want to thank Oneberry Command Centre for the fantastic job done well as our vital partner on Globalmax outsourced Command Centre assignment. My appreciation and thanks to the Oneberry Command Centre (OBCC) management team, day & night shift controllers for performing outstandingly. I hope that OBCC can continue to maintain and excel in their service delivery.”

Bobby Baljit
Managing Director
Globalmax Security & Consultants


“I wish to commend the team for implementing the Virtual Guard solution at Landridge Condo. The residents have given positive feedback on the successful switch to remote security. Thanks for a good job and we appreciate it!”

MCST Council Chairman
Landridge Condominium