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Oneberry has developed various software to help automate the recording and reporting of security or facility management information and aid the generation of security management reports. 

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Visitor Management System

To efficiently record visitors & contractors coming in and out of a facility, which can also be integrated to facial recognition or other forms of biometric scanners.  

Mobile Guard Tour

Reporting mobile application for guards to perform their clocking duties efficiently and accurately. 

Security Information
Management System 

To ease the day to day recording of incident reports, key management, staff attendance etc.   

Resource Management System

Change Management Module
A web-based productivity platform that allows stakeholders to manage information through change request forms that can hold, track, follow-up, and distribute information across stakeholders.

Asset Management Module  
A web-based platform that allows stakeholders to locate assets in real-time, get an overview of its details, and track changes made to them, with an aim to better manage assets within the organisation and improve operational efficiency.

Easily integrate with existing infrastructure or technologies to consolidate data collection and reporting. 

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“Virtual Guard has been a significant help in supporting our security operations to meet outcome-based contracts. The technology enables manpower on site to be more effective with less headcount needed.”

Daniel Marc Chow
Managing Director
Henderson Security Services


“I want to thank Oneberry Command Centre for the fantastic job done well as our vital partner on Globalmax outsourced Command Centre assignment. My appreciation and thanks to the Oneberry Command Centre (OBCC) management team, day & night shift controllers for performing outstandingly. I hope that OBCC can continue to maintain and excel in their service delivery.”

Bobby Baljit
Managing Director
Globalmax Security & Consultants


“I wish to commend the team for implementing the Virtual Guard solution at Landridge Condo. The residents have given positive feedback on the successful switch to remote security. Thanks for a good job and we appreciate it!”

MCST Council Chairman
Landridge Condominium