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Oneberry is a security service provider that provides a holistic, end-to-end security solution to help companies reduce security costs, overcome manpower shortage and to raise productivity.

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Security Services

As a licensed security agency and security service provider, complete with our in-house suite of expertise covering consultancy and audit, system design, implementation, response, and support, we provide a unified solution of both physical manpower enabled with technology.

Security Manpower & Concierge 

We provide a team of PLRD trained security manpower on ground to perform various security or concierge tasks with officers for backup/response and patrol. Our officers go through training on how to use our in-house software to digitalize reporting.

24/7 Command Centre Monitoring  

We are a pioneer of proactive remote monitoring, also known as our Virtual Guard solution since 2010. Our command centre is ISO & CAMS certified and powered by a health check system and anomaly detection video analytics for exceptions and silent hour monitoring. Our team works with our patrol, response and maintenance team seamlessly.

Security Technology Installation
& Maintenance

We have an in-house technical team for audit, deployment & maintenance. Our expertise covers security technology solutions ranging from CCTV, Video Management Systems, Video Analytics, Visitor Management Systems, Access Control, Body-Worn Cameras, Intercom systems and more.


We perform security audits and risk assessments following latest industry and regulatory standards & guidelines, consult all stakeholders to understand the challenges and pointpoints, and provide our clients with customised outcome-based security solutions.

Security Robots

With our own security robot guard force, we deploy security robots to complement security manpower on ground, taking on tasks which are mundane or repetitive. Functionalities are customised per use case to achieve gains in productivity.

Security Video Analytics    

We provide a wide range of video analytics catered for your site requirement from both in-house analytics and analytics from our leading technology partners.

Use Cases

• Commercial / Retail
• School Campuses
• Residential
• Industrial
• Hotels
• Tourist Attractions
• Transportation
• Parks
• Critical Infrastructure 

Customise features and functionalites of our security and surveillance services to suit the requirements of your facility and to achieve optimal productivity levels.

Grants up to 80% are available.
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“Virtual Guard has been a significant help in supporting our security operations to meet outcome-based contracts. The technology enables manpower on site to be more effective with less headcount needed.”

Daniel Marc Chow
Managing Director
Henderson Security Services


“I want to thank Oneberry Command Centre for the fantastic job done well as our vital partner on Globalmax outsourced Command Centre assignment. My appreciation and thanks to the Oneberry Command Centre (OBCC) management team, day & night shift controllers for performing outstandingly. I hope that OBCC can continue to maintain and excel in their service delivery.”

Bobby Baljit
Managing Director
Globalmax Security & Consultants


“I wish to commend the team for implementing the Virtual Guard solution at Landridge Condo. The residents have given positive feedback on the successful switch to remote security. Thanks for a good job and we appreciate it!”

MCST Council Chairman
Landridge Condominium